Hydraulic Hangar Doors and More

What We Offer

Alamo Door Systems offers a wide range of service and products based on YOUR needs. Click on the links to the right for more details on a specific model. We offer a variety of hangar door systems. We have a specific hydraulic hangar door that we have patented and improved over the years to the full satisfaction of customers. This patented hydraulic hangar door has been named the Tilt-Over door.

We offer "generic" versions of each model within specific limits. These "generic" versions are what we have designed and built without additional modifications due to special circumstances. Special circumstances include higher than normal design wind loads, design restrictions within the building itself, and even extremely large openings.

What happens if the "generic" versions do not fit your specifications?
That is not an issue, we do enjoy a challenge. We also have extensive experience engineering and designing custom doors for special jobs to meet your specifications. Please see our gallery of past jobs that we have engineered and designed to the customers' satisfaction.

"What if I want a hangar door system you don't advertise?"
Please let us know exactly what you want and we will be happy to quote that door for you. Although we advertise certain specific door types, we've seen and installed almost every single type of door out there. We are your door experts and will be happy to provide you with a solution, whether it be a hydraulic hangar door or manually operated bottom rolling hangar door.

Hangar Door Products

Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors

Each panel slides right or left. This allows for the full opening to be exposed with the simple movement of a couple individual panels.

Bottom Rolling Hangar Door
Tilt-Over Hangar Door

Tilt-Over Doors

A large single panel the full size of the opening lifts vertically and then “tilts” and rotates about a central pivot location.


Bifold Hangar Doors

With a Bifold hangar door, instead of panels sliding to the right or left, each panel collapses in its center and projects toward the outside of the opening as it goes up.

Bifold Door diagram
Top Hinged Hydraulic Door diagram

Top Hinged Hydraulic Doors

A large single panel the full size of opening rotates about the top of the door by an over sized hinge.


Tail Hangar Doors

These doors are opened after the sliding door has been opened and allows the tail fin to fit through the opening.

Tail Hangar Door

Retrofit & Electric Drive System

Tire Drive System

The Tire Drive System is used to motorize non-driven panels.

Tire Drive System

Custom Engineered Products

Custom Engineered Hangar Door

Movable Building Solutions


Unique Applications


High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans

High Volume Low Speed Fans

High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans

Similar to ceiling fans in your home, but are designed to move large volumes of air through the use of large airfoil-shaped fan blades.