Bifolding Hangar Doors

Traditional Bifold doors are two-piece doors that hinge horizontally in the middle and top of the door and fold outward as they climb up I-beam columns, being pulled up by straps or cables.


With a bifold hangar door, instead of panels sliding to the right or left, each panel collapses in its center and projects toward the outside of the opening as it goes up.

Design Options:
  • They can be framed and sheeted with a wide variety of materials.
  • Bifold hangar doors can also include windows, doors or unusual design features to compliment or contrast the materials of the hangar.
Other Benefits:
  • They require very little side room.
  • Bifolds door panels can be insulated.
  • Their operation is almost always driven by electric motor attached to a hydraulic pump.
  • Their operation is almost always driven by electric motor.
  • The panels are lifted with steel cables.
  • Remote controls can be provided.
Bifold Door diagram
In the up position the door provides a shade canopy and has a slight outward slope out to drain water away from the hangar.
Bifold Door diagram
Each panel collapses in its center and projects toward the outside of the opening as it goes up.

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Pros & Cons


  • Pass doors work well in Bifold doors.
  • Sometimes less expensive to purchase.


  • Requires more expensive building to accommodate the door. The building must be taller than for any other type door. Heavy structural I beams must be included in the building package for the door to climb up on each side. Not provided by the most BiFold door manufacturers.
  • A truss reinforced header system must be supplied and installed by the building manufacturer and erector to support the load of the door and operating system.
  • Locking the BiFold door to the building in the center of the door has a somewhat checkered past. Manual over center locks work well, but require interlock switches to prevent accidental electric operations while locked. Automatic locking systems have been problematic and a high maintenance item, that frequently get out of adjustment.
  • Brakes, gear reducers, cables, pulleys and electric motors have been high maintenance items.

Service and Repair

Alamo Hangar Doors services and repairs bifolding hangar doors.

We can also provide new bifold hangar door installation solutions in applicable openings. These are openings that have limited side clearance on either side and generally low budgets.