Retrofit & Electric Drive System

An electric tire drive system is a product designed to electrically operate manually operated bottom rolling doors.


Typically outfitted with a rubber tire to grip the concrete and supplied with a control panel to open and close. Motors are chosen specifically to meet the requirements of your application and outfitted with a brake disconnect to manually operate in the event of a power outage. All units are enclosed within an aesthetically pleasing enclosure to improve the appearance of your door.

Design Options:
  • The cover, typically hot dipped galvanized finish, can be provided to match existing interior finishes
  • Laser etched or cut designs may be placed on the cover
Other Benefits:
  • Tire drive system may be located on the interior or exterior face with appropriate accommodations
  • Tire specifically chosen to maximize grip on your finish floor
  • Provided with control system and pickup system for your panels
  • Doors may still be operated manually in the event of a power outage with the inclusion of a brake disconnect
  • Prevents injuries sustained by pushing open and pulling close your bottom rolling hangar door