Custom Engineered Products

Whether it's a 1700 foot wide opening, moveable building or roof, or special circumstance; we have encountered almost any problem you can imagine. And we've solved it.

Out-of-the-box ideas are encouraged here at Alamo Hangar Doors. We pride ourselves on custom engineering solutions that redefine the way door solutions are perceived. Please take a look at some of our proudest custom engineering solutions highlighted below in the gallery. If you have any crazy ideas or questions, please contact us and let us help you take your idea to reality.

Project Gallery

L3 Greenville Hangar

Your Mission Should you Choose To Accept It

The customer had a number of problems they were dealing with. A cantilever roof structure that allowed extensive roof movement in windy conditions...


SAA Hangar

Maximum Payload

This client needed to house multiple DC-10/MD-11 freighter aircraft in the most efficient and cost effective way possible...


Franks Casing

You Need a Door What Size???

A return customer called about a new project, asking if we could design and build two doors for 100ft wide x 5ft tall openings ? that would lift vertically...


L3 Greenville Canopy

Moving the Mountain

If you can’t move the aircraft to the hangar, then move the hangar to the aircraft...