Tilt-Over Doors

With a Tilt-Over hydraulic door, instead of panels sliding to the right or left, a large single panel the full size of the opening lifts vertically and then “tilts” and rotates about a central pivot location.


Also known as Canopy Doors, this motion projects part of the door toward the outside and the other half inside the building as it goes up.

The panel is lifted by thick and sturdy cable normally used on cranes. The Tilt-Over door may be lifted by various methods of transmission including spring counterbalance and hydraulic actuation. Remote control operation of door (open/close) is an option.

Certain sizes of this door are stocked in-house at Alamo Door Systems causing the lead times to be surprisingly short. Installation is a breeze - contact us for a copy of our installation manual and step-by-step installation video.

Benefits of the Alamo Door Systems Tilt-Over Door

Tilt-Over doors exert very little reaction forces on the building itself due to the balanced design and additional door frame structure. Instead of relying on the strength of existing building structures to transfer the load, we engineered our own frame to receive the load from static and dynamic operation of our door which, in turn, transfers a reduced distributed load to the building.

Other benefits of this style door is the incorporation of many safety features NOT included in other style doors to protect you and your property in the case of some “Act of God” situation. One such feature is our “all-in-one” lift-and-locking joint, patented by Alamo Door Systems, which lifts the door while serving as a safety measure if tension in the cable ceases to exist then the locking mechanism locks into the frame and the door is held in place.

Design Options:
  • Framed and clad with a wide variety of materials, including insulated cladding
  • Windows, walk doors, or unusual aesthetic features
  • Manual or remote operation
  • Light or Heavy-duty weather seal
Other Benefits:
  • Nearly Non-Existent Reaction Forces Exerted on Building
  • All-in-One Patented Lift-and-Locking Joint for Safer Lifting Experience
  • One Hydraulic Cylinder for Uniform Pressure Lifting and Reduced Cost
  • Telescoping Guide Arms for Quiet, Friction-less Tilt-Over Action
  • Extensive and Effective Sealing System to Keep Your Hangar Protected from the Elements
  • Very Little Side or Head Room Required
In the up position, the door provides a shade canopy and a slight slope towards the exterior to drain water away from the hangar.
The door has an initial vertical lift so operation in environments where snow obstructs movement away from the building is not affected.

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