Whether you have a 787 Dreamliner, a Piper Cub, a John Deere combine, or a yacht, we have the right door to keep it safe.

After spending many years repairing, selling, and installing all different brands and types of hangar doors, and being a pilot and aircraft owner myself, I recognized the need for new innovative designs to bring hangar and large opening doors into the 21st century. I saw that very little “smart” engineering had been applied to traditional designs and gathered a group of forward thinking engineers to set about bringing our current line of “21st” doors do you.

– Gary Baczewski, Founder of Alamo Door Systems

How We Work

Innovative Solutions

Are you thinking of something outside the box? We don't even have a box! Our box-less innovative solutions have gone as far as moving the hangar over the aircraft and bypassing the need for dangling wires and routing by internally powering doors through solar panels! We have been designing and building similar solutions for over 35 years, so... we have seen a thing or two.

3D modeling software

Our engineers use the latest 3D modeling software to ensure seamless integration with your building structure. They also analyze stress/fatigue, deflection/displacement and utilize interference detection software to ensure our solutions function as planned.

Strong. Durable. And Safe.

Aircraft are extremely valuable assets, sometimes irreplaceable, and they need to be protected. Our solutions are designed to meet or exceed all current building codes with a minimum 20 pound per square foot (PSF) wind load, built for a lifetime of service with minimal maintenance, and safety features designed to protect your valuable asset.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and let us design the best solution for your mission!