Tail Hangar Doors

Tail doors are separate from the main bottom rolling hangar door. These doors are opened after the bottom rolling door and allows the tail fin to fit through the opening.


For use with Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors only, this feature allows minimization of the opening height to allow only the wings and other parts to clear.

The tail door is designed for applications where existing doors are in place and a larger plane or piece of equipment needs to be brought in with a tail higher than the existing opening. Tail doors can be of almost any door type and operated from the ground. Door types typically used for tail doors include sectional roll-up, top hinged hydraulic doors, Tilt-Over doors, and even another small bottom rolling door. It does require an additional lift system or method of moving the top track out of the opening when the tail will be brought through.

We also have unique designs that allow bottom rolling hangar doors to safely operate, while tail doors are open, by using our exclusive coordinating top of the door hardware. This design coordinates the bottom rolling door's top hardware engagement across wide tail door openings when building deflections of 12" are seen.

Tail hangar door shown is a sectional roll-up door

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