Top Hinged Hydraulic Doors

A one piece top hinged door is hinged across the top to a header frame supplied with the door that is secured to the building. It is pushed open and pulled closed by individual hydraulic cylinders located on each side of the door.


With a Top Hinged Hydraulic Door, a large single panel the full size of opening rotates about the top of the door by an over sized hinge.

Design Options:
  • They can be framed and sheeted with a wide variety of materials.
  • Top hinged hydraulic doors can also include windows, doors or unusual design features to compliment or contrast the materials of the hangar.
  • They require very little side or head room.
Other Benefits:
  • Top Hinged Hydraulic Hangar Doors can be insulated.
  • Their operation is almost always driven by electric motor attached to a hydraulic pump.
  • The panels are lifted with steel cables.
  • Remote controls can be provided.
  • Generally, lead times are short and installation is quick.
In the up position the door provides the largest shaded canopy and has a slight outward slope out to drain water away from the hangar.
The doors are hydraulically actuated by a double cylinder system that attaches to the upper section of the door jamb and the bottom section of the door.

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Pros & Cons


  • One-piece top hinged doors (TH21) are appropriate where low headroom situations dictate their use.
  • Another instance when TH21s work well is when there is a need to keep all of the door outside the building when in the open position. One example of this situation is when there is a moving crane rail system inside the building.


  • Top Hinged Hydraulic Doors require additional building structure to support the weight of the door.
  • Extreme loads are exerted on the cylinder rod as the door gets near the open position.
  • Complex Hydraulic plumbing is required to try to maintain coordination between the two lifting cylinders.
  • Hydraulic oil leaks can occur since there are numerous connections.
  • Truss located at the bottom of the door makes walk through pedestrian door entry difficult.