RSG Hangar

RSG Hangar

Utopia, TX

This job was comprised of 3 different types of door to include 2 bottom rolling, 1 Tilt-Over, and 2 custom engineered two piece vertical lift doors. The bottom rolling doors are a norther biparting configuration where 3 slide to the right and 3 slide to the left. Each stack contains two wireless pendant stations so that you may walk with the stack without holding your hand to the panels while moving. With the wireless pendant stations comes military spec safety edges, diffuse sensors, and a VFD controlled by a PLC logic controller with encoder feedback. With this setup the doors are able to speed up and slow down when starting, picking up panels, and nearing the end of opening or closing.

The two-piece vertical lifting doors came about when the doors originally designed in that location were found to be bifolding doors. This raised a red flag with the doors being interior doors along the wall and the likelihood of planes being close enough that an interference could occur when the bifold were to open and the wedge hit a plane. We proposed a solution to have a vertical lifting door to avoid that issue and still add to the splendor of this hangar. However, above this opening are interior tilting glass panels which restrict the height of the lift. Between the size of the opening and height restriction we settled on a two-piece door that operates the same as a bottom rolling interlock system turned on it's side. Only the bottom panel is driven and the top panel just goes along for the ride.

Alamo Door Systems patented Tilt-Over system was used as a topping on the cake for the exterior of the building. While the opening could have received other doors and is smaller than we typically design for, the aesthetics of the building demanded that type of door. The door tilts into the building and what projects outside the building sits under the roof overhang in that section causing an exciting effect in any onlooker. This project was truly a testament to the fact that hangar doors are merely walls that move. If you don't believe us, take a look at the pictures and videos below to see for yourself!

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